Water Specs

All Mereenie H2O water comes from the Mereenie Aquifer; the largest of several aquifers that make up the Amadeus Basin Rock Aquifer System in Central Australia. This water is generally of a high quality, however can be high in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium causing bad taste and scale build up.

To ensure the highest quality, Mereenie H2O purify's this water using a number of different filtration processes. These include Particle filtration to one micron, charcoal and silicon filtration and Reverse Osmosis filtration to give the cleanest safest water possible.

This purification process is supplemented by a variety of water testing processes in order to verify the high standard of Mereenie H2O. All water is tested daily on-site, monthly by the Arid Zone Research Institute's Microbiology Laboratory, and yearly by the Northern Territory Environmental Laboratories in Darwin. Mereenie H2O is a also a registered food business with the Department of Environmental Health.